MSP: Battle against infections being won

Figures showing that the number of C.diff infections acquired by hospital patients has reached the lowest level on record show that the battle against healthcare acquired infections (HAIs) is being won.

In the first quarter of 2014, Clostridium difficile incident fell to 91 cases in patients aged 15-64 and 270 cases in patients over 65 – the lowest numbers for each age group since monitoring began.

Meanwhile cases of MRSA and MSSA in Scotland’s hospitals also fell during the same period to reach the second lowest level since records began.

Since 2007, cases of C.diff in patients over 65 have fallen by 84.8 percent while the number of MRSA cases has dropped by 87.1 percent.

MSP Stewart Stevenson said: “The number of C.diff infections in hospitals has fallen to the lowest level on record while MRSA and MSSA cases are also down.

“That success does not happen by accident and I would pay tribute to the hard working NHS staff across Scotland who have worked so hard to stamp out healthcare acquired infections.

“Of course there can be no room for complacency.

“No matter how positive these figures are, we want to ensure that further progress is achieved and that there is never a return to the situation we inherited when the SNP first took office in 2007,” added Mr Stevenson.