MSP backs Scottish Government on renewables

Stewart Stevenson MSP
Stewart Stevenson MSP

Banffshire & Buchan Coast MSP, Stewart Stevenson has backed the Scottish Government’s continuing support for Scottish renewables.

Mr Stevenson spoke during a Parliamentary debate on support for Scotland’s renewables. He spoke about the important role renewables had to play in climate change and the need for the Government to be more supportive of the renewables sector.

He said: “Scotland has made some incredible progress on tackling climate change. We’ve managed to beat our climate change targets six years early. That is largely due to an incredibly aggressive investment and support of our renewables sector.

“We need to ensure that our renewables energy can thrive. Climate change is a real threat – John Brennan of the Central Intelligence Agency has been quoted saying climate change is one of the ‘deeper causes’ of instability in the world. It is one of the key challenges to global stability and that is why we need to take our dialogue on renewables very seriously.

“The UK Government needs to adopt a more serious approach to renewables. The UK Government is more concerned with throwing £18 billion away on a nuclear power station, Hinkley Point C – agreeing to pay twice the market rate for energy, on a technology that is unproven and that will still leave the hazards of nuclear waste.

"Scotland and the UK have the skills that make investment in renewables a great potential source of job opportunities – it’s vital that we seek to re-exploit those skills as much as possible.”