More survey time needed

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Buchan councillors are calling ono their local authority to provide more time for people to complete a survey.

Aberdeenshire Council wants residents to fill out a survey on how it interacts with them.

Councillors said that people have not been given enough time to hear about the survey and said it has been placed at an awkward time of the year. The survey was launched last week but is only available to fill out until mid-July.

Buchan area councillors were keen to make sure that the survey was conducted in the right time frame.

Councillor Anne Allan asked of the council at their meeting last week: “Do you have a Facebook and Twitter account to make sure that more of the public are made aware of the survey? That is a concern that not enough people will be made aware of the survey in time.”

Councillor Fiona McRae was concerned that the wording of the document is too formal. She said: “I think the language needs to be changed on the survey as it has been made to formal.”

Councillor Tom Malone added: “If we were given more time then we could make sure that community groups and residents fill out the survey. It is something I would really like to get behind if there was enough time to do so.”

Councillors were told that it would be looked into to see if more time could be made available for residents to fill out the survey.

Residents are asked to read the draft strategy, which is available on line, and give their feedback on what is currently proposed by visiting

People can also give their feedback at

Councillor Jim Gifford, Leader of Aberdeenshire Council, said: “This is a great chance for residents to let us know what they think about how we engage with them and to help shape the future development of our engagement strategy.”