Mackenzie Crescent saga rumbles on

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Buchan councillors have failed to come to a decision over the closure of Mackenzie Crescent in Peterhead following a landslip in 2012.

Members of the area committee met in Peterhead on Tuesday where it had been expected they would approve a permanent closure of the road.

However, chairman, Cllr Stuart Pratt, moved to send the traffic order back to Aberdeenshire’s policy and resources committee, without the support of the Buchan area councillors.

They will now have to consider a number of repair options for the road, some of which may cost thousands of pounds.

The move could also lead to the stretch of road being re-opened, with the existing temporary order stopping traffic on the brink of expiring.

Roads chief, Philip McKay, said that it could take several months to push through a second temporary traffic order and if another committee could not find a quick solution, they roads department would have no alternative but to remove the fencing and re-open the road.

However, Cllr Pratt said that the area committee should listen to the views which were expressed in the consultation.

“I’m not satisfied and I know it causes problems, but our consultation says we should not close it,” he said.

He was backed by Cllr Alan Gardiner who said that he didn’t think the council had answered all the concerns, and felt it needed to be looked at again.

However, Cllrs Alan Buchan and Edie Chapman did not give their backing to the move, raising concerns over safety fears if the road was to re-open.

The landslip on Mackenzie Crescent occurred in January 2012. It followed works undertaken at the bottom of the coastal slope on behalf of Peterhead Sea Cadets. Geotechnical specialists were commissioned to investigate the slope failure and identifiy potential solutions.