MacKenzie Crescent comes under the spotlight again

Aberdeenshire Council may move to close Mackenzie Crescent.
Aberdeenshire Council may move to close Mackenzie Crescent.

Residents of a Peterhead street will find out on Tuesday if councillors are to ban vehicles from driving along its length.

Members of the Buchan area committee look set to impose a traffic ban at MacKenzie Crescent in the town following a landslip in January 2012.

Councillors deferred a decision at last month’s meeting, instead opting to visit the site.

They were met by residents who aired their views on the matter.

At their meeting in Peterhead, councilors will hear that the landslip placed a section of the road at risk from further landslips and the road was temporarily closed in the interests of public safety.

Following investigations, councillors were presented with three options.

These were to permanently close the road to traffic at a cost of £20,000; construct a bored pile wall to support the road and allow it to re-open at a cost of £200,000, or re-grade the slope with a wall at the bottom to fully secure the slope and re-open the road at a cost of £900.000.

Buchan councillors initially backed the second option, but following completion of more detailed investigations, the cost rose to £610,000.

Councillors continued to support this option and the matter was put to the full council in November last year. They subsequently agreed to the closure of the road by 36 votes to 28.

Buchan councillors will review the matter yet again on Tuesday when the recommendation is to authorise the commencement of the statutory procedure for the Prohibition of Vehicular Traffic Order.

They will also be asked to order the subsequent making of the Prohibition of Vehicular Traffic Order on MacKenzie Crescent in the event that no valid objections are received or any received are resolved and withdrawn.

Councillors are also urged to instruct the submission of a further report to committee in the event that any valid objections received are not withdrawn, or the proposals are amended following consideration of valid objection.

The proposed works, amounting to £20,000 , will be funded from the Traffic and General Maintenance sections of the Buchan area road maintenance programme for 2014/15.