Low cost housing in Peterhead

The council is offering low cost houses.
The council is offering low cost houses.

First-time buyers and people on a council house waiting list (Apply4Homes) are among those eligible to buy one of 12 new affordable homes in Peterhead.

Aberdeenshire Council, in partnership with Claymore Homes, is offering six semi-detached, two bedroom homes for £108,206 and six semi-detached, three bedroom properties for £132,251 in Peterhead.

It is estimated the properties will be available no later than May 2015 and will be available to those who meet the following criteria:

First time buyers or people with a significant change in their household circumstances whose gross annual income is in the region of £38,000 or less (2 bedroom) or £46,000 or less (3 bedroom) Tenants of Aberdeenshire Council, a housing association or waiting list applicants.

Priority will be given to those applicants who have a local connection to the area, for example those who live, work or have a family in Peterhead or the surrounding area.

Aberdeenshire Council is able to offer these properties to successful applicants as part of the planning process, where developers are required to assist in the provision of affordable housing.

These properties are sold at a fixed discounted price by the developer to successful applicants as nominated by Aberdeenshire Council.

Aberdeenshire Council continues to deliver a wide range of housing options to meet need in the area. This includes working with developers to provide low cost or subsidised housing for sale.

For further information, or to request an application pack, please call Adele Hosie (Monday and Tuesday) or Elise Young (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) on (01467) 628421, or email: adele.hosie@aberdeenshire.gov.uk and elise.young@aberdeenshire.gov.uk

You can also find more information on the council’s website at: www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/housing/housingoptions/buying/affordable_housing.asp