Litter group’s campaign to enforce dog fouling law

The Pick Up Peterhead! team at Peterhead Lido
The Pick Up Peterhead! team at Peterhead Lido
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An online campaign has been launched by Pick Up Peterhead! to show how serious they are about combatting dog fouling.

Pick Up Peterhead! member, Jane Warren, has created a poll on two Facebook Groups; Change oor Toon and Pick Up Peterhead!.

Jane said: “We plan to give the results to the Procurator Fiscal who has adopted a softly approach to the issue and threw out the one and only successful fining in Peterhead for years.

“The culprit was caught in the act by two reliable witnesses, due process was followed and the offender ripped up the penalty. The process continued and it went to the Procurator Fiscal who chucked it out.

“We have the backing of Community Planning and the Safety Group to challenge the decision and let him know that unless the existing laws are enforced it is just a mockery.”

Pick Up Peterhead! are also encouraging residents to be responsible this summer as Theresa Ritchie said: “As the nights get lighter, people will be heading to the Lido and we want to see it kept clean.

“Last summer was horrendous - barbecues were left sticking out of the sand, there was uncooked food and clothes as well as fast food boxes, broken class and plastic bottles.

“If the beach was clean it would bring good tourism to the area.”