Lib Dems announce candidate

Alistair Massey has been chosen by the Scottish Liberal Democrats as a candidate for Peterhead North & Rattray
Alistair Massey has been chosen by the Scottish Liberal Democrats as a candidate for Peterhead North & Rattray

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have selected Alistair Massey as a candidate for the Peterhead North & Rattray ward in the upcoming local elections.

He was the Convenor of the local Banff and Buchan party from 2000 – 2005 and Vice-Convenor of the N.E. of Scotland Regional Party.

Alistair is by birth an Aberdonian and attended Aberdeen Academy, going on to the College of Commerce and Stirling University.

Alistair is a retired teacher. For most of his teaching career he was a Learning Support Teacher at Peterhead Academy and its associated Primary Schools, where he specialised in devising programmes of work for dyslexic pupils. Earlier, he taught History and Modern Studies in North Lanarkshire.

He now lives in Oldmeldrum in the family home, where he devotes much of his time to writing, usually about historical subjects and reviews of concerts for the local press.

Alistair is impressed by the voluntary work done by local community groups that show the heritage and character of local places.

This approach should be encouraged, so that the voluntary action to maintain and beautify them is fostered by the council but done by the people that live there.

Alistair served as Treasurer and Chairman of Peterhead Choral Society and now belongs to two choirs.

He also works voluntarily as a Treasurer and Trustee of a music charity that promotes professional concerts.

It helps young musicians to get a start in their careers and in its educational role, the charity arranges workshops for school pupils and adult groups in the Inverurie area.

Alistair would like to see more opportunities for employment in the local area.

He believes in giving more support for Health Services and in particular mental health.

For example, a specially trained team could be in readiness for the first signs of post-natal depression.

He would also like more curbs set up by the police to prevent dangerous speeding on local roads.

All these services should be managed locally, not by an ever-increasing central bureaucracy.