Improved pay and display services on way

Pay and Display in Peterhead
Pay and Display in Peterhead

The successful introduction of new car park tariffs across Aberdeenshire will be followed up by improved pay and display services over the coming months.

The new tariff system offers an initial free period of parking in most Aberdeenshire towns, with the length of time dependent on the car park, and has been introduced to promote trips to local shops and businesses.

As part of the new scheme, motorists must type their vehicle registration number into the ticket machine.

Motorists must do this and display a ticket even if they intend to be within the free parking time limit.

Visitors are able to extend their parking after the free period by then purchasing a paid for ticket.

The demand for parking in Aberdeenshire town centres needs to be carefully handled with the introduction of free periods of parking.

Asking motorists to provide their vehicle registration number allows more efficient management of the situation.

A number of new services in off street car parks will be rolled out over the coming months to help the public get used to the new pay and display system.

The council’s Transportation Service will upgrade 23 old pay and display machines with new machines, offer cashless and over the phone payment options, and ensure that during peak times there are car park operatives at hand to help with any problems.

Head of Transportation Ewan Wallace said: “The implementation of the new charging scheme was introduced to help local high streets and was the result of lengthy consultation with local residents, community councils, Business Associations and elected members.

“With any change in habit, there are often short term issues as individuals become familiar with the new system.

“I am confident that the additional car park services will help residents pay and display more quickly and overcome any teething problems,” he added.