Hundreds back campaign to protect Peterhead Power Station

Eilidh Whiteford says Peterhead could have been a world leader in CCS
Eilidh Whiteford says Peterhead could have been a world leader in CCS

Hundreds of North East residents have backed a campaign to help save Peterhead Power Station.

The petition was launched last month by Banff and Buchan SNP candidate Eilidh Whiteford who has tirelessly campaigned to save the gas-powered facility since its future was put in jeopardy.

The Conservative-led government revealed in 2015 it would be axing £1billion of funding for investment in Carbon Capture Storage (CCS).

Work had already been carried out by oil major Shell and SSE when the decision was made to axe the cash.

But in February, a review was by SSE looking into the future of the facility.

Now hundreds of people have shown their support for Ms Whiteford's campaign which was also backed in the SNP's manifesto which renewed called to protect Peterhead Power Station and revive the plans for CCS.

Dr Whiteford commented: “The SNP has a strong record of standing up for the energy sector in Scotland and it is clear local people support protecting the power station from closure.

“We already have plans to end the punitive transmission charges that mean the site could pay £19.60 this year per kilowatt compared to only a £1.75 charge for a similar site in Kent.

“Hundreds of people have made it clear in only a few weeks that they believe like we do, that the site has a future.

“The UK is going to be heavily reliant on gas for many years to come, and it makes no sense to jeopardise Scotland’s last remaining gas power station.

“The Tories have put the future job security of the workforce in jeopardy.

“Peterhead could have been a world leader in CCS, which reduces the environmental impact of fossil fuels, and would have protected local jobs.

"CCS will be needed in the future, and Peterhead remains the ideal place, with a small scale project recently launched at St Fergus, but the bigger opportunity for a full-scale project is still there, and I will be pressing for plans for CCS to be revived.

“I would encourage others to join Banff and Buchan residents who have already done so and sign up to show their support.”