Harbour works set to get the go-ahead

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Listed Building consent is being sought by Peterhead Port Authority for alterations to the town’s harbour including repositioning of a lighthouse and demolition and erection of the fishmarket at the West Pier.

Members of the Buchan area committee will consider the application when they meet in Peterhead on Tuesday.

The proposed works include the removal of the Queenie Bridge and the associated masonry abutment inorder to provide unrestricted access to the fishmarket for all vessels within the current fishing fleet, and the dismantling and relocation of the existing lighthouse at the junction of Alexandra Parade and Roanheads at the north entrance to the harbour.

It was proposed the lighthouse would have the masonry moved on a block by block basis after each block had been marked and recorded for positionand then erected in the new location.

Unfortunately at the time of writing, it is noted that the lighthouse has been removed. The demolition of the existing fishmarket at Greenhill and erection of a new fishmarket is also being proposed.

The proposed fishmarket is to be on the site where thelighthouse was previously located prior to dismantling.

A number of other works are also being proposed including demolition of the main section of existing fishmarket building on Merchants Quay.

In a report to the meeting, planning chief Stephen Archer tells members: “After taking into consideration the proposed relocation of the lighthouse,removal of Queenie Bridge and other proposed works within PeterheadHarbour, there has been a clear justification given for the demolition work.

“Furthermore, the impact of the proposed works on the ‘B’ Listed Harbour is deemed to be acceptable and unlikely to have a detrimental impact on thecharacter, integrity and setting of the Harbour.

“In conclusion, the proposed works would not have a detrimental impact uponthe built heritage and the wider area.

“The proposal therefore complies with Policy.”

Members will be asked to give their approval to the plans at the meeting.