Getting It Right for Every Child website launched

Aberdeenshire Council has launched the website.
Aberdeenshire Council has launched the website.

A new Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) website has been launched by Aberdeenshire Council.

The website contains information for people on all aspects of GIRFEC and it includes policies on child protection and guidelines for working with young people.

Aberdeenshire Council’s director of education and children’s services, Maria Walker, said: “The new website provides information in one place for young people, parents and carers, staff from across all public and private sectors as well as the wider community.

“The website explains the background to GIRFEC and helps everyone navigate their way through the complex world of new legislation and how it impacts on them.

“It forms the backbone of the work of many organisations working with young people and should be embedded in everything we do.”

GIRFEC links day-to-day work in education, health, policing, social work and the voluntary sector – any organisation whose staff come into direct contact with children.

It makes it easier for those different organisations to communicate consistently with each other, and with parents, carers, children and young people.

GIRFEC provides a structure that helps people to work in the same way and use the same language.

This allows discussions with the child and their family to focus on what is good in a child’s life, and what might need attention or support.

Aberdeenshire Council’s director of communities Ritchie Johnson said: “The website brings together resources for many different audiences, and in a virtual place as well as in reality, shows the collaborative ethic of GIFREC.

“It will become a source of the latest news, advice and guidance for people working with young people as well as for young people themselves and will ensure all community planning partners get it right for Aberdeenshire’s children.”

For more information on GIRFEC in Aberdeenshire visit: