Encouraging response for dualling campaign

Councillor Tom Malone
Councillor Tom Malone

Peterhead councillor Tom Malone is encouraging Peterhead folk to continue to support the Why Stop At Ellon dualling campaign after an encouraging response from the Scottish Tansport Minister.

Cllr Malone sent a letter to Keith Brown a few weeks ago asking that urgent consideration be given to the dualling of the A90 between Ellon 
and Petrhead.

In a reply, Mr Brown outlines the current plans for the delivery of the AWPR and how these long-awaited developments will benefit the whole of the north-east.

Cllr Malone says: “He goes on to say ‘this project [the AWPR] underpins the Regional Transport Strategy outlined by Nestrans (North East of Scotland Transport Partnership). The project will facilitate the delivery of coinciding transport measures and will bring substantial benefits to the North East of Scotland”.

Mr Brown adds: “ In terms of further considerations of the transport links between Fraserburgh/Peterhead and Aberdeen, Transport Scotland are working with Nestrans who are 
progressing a study in line with Scottish Transport 
Appraisal Guidance [STAG]

“The multi-modal study will consider the Energetica corridor and wider connections and consider the problems and opportunities within the area. Aberdeenshire Council and Aberdeen City Council and I have agreed to part-fund the study.

“Consultants have recently been appointed and the initial phase of the study should take approximately one year to complete. The appraisal process will include consultation with key stakeholders and public events and will consider options across all modes of transport to identify interventions which may merit further, more 
detailed study.”

Councillor Malone says he hopes that Peterhead folk will take some encouragement from this as it is now evident that some progress is being made and that the Why Stop at Ellon campaign is helping to move things along.

“I would, however, again encourage your readers to continue to support the campaign by visiting the Why Stop at Ellon Facebook page and registering their ‘like’ as well sending a brief email supporting the campaign to the Scottish Transport Minister at transportminister@scotland.gsi.gov.uk,” he added.