Electorate increases

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Since December 2010, Grampian’s electorate has increased by more than 34,000 people, reflecting the increasing population and buoyant economy of the area.

Grampian Electoral Registration Officer, Ian Milton, is urging those who have recently moved to the area or who are not already registered to vote to do so.

In December 2010, there were 411,047 local government electors in Grampian; in December 2011 there were 427,105; and in December 2012 430,927.

As of last month, there were 445,541 local government electors in the area.

These totals include under-18s who will be qualified to vote during the currency of the registers, which in the case of the March 2014 register includes all under-18s

who will be 18 by November 30, 2015.

A separate register of 15-year-olds who will be 16 on or before September 18, 2014 is being prepared. This remains confidential, with any names on this special register merged with the main register prior to the referendum so that young voter names and addresses cannot be singled out. For help and advice on registering call 01261 815516, email ero@grampi