Double celebrations for CPL Shaun Forbes of 1295 (Peterhead) Sqaudron

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Last month saw a double celebration for Cpl Shaun Forbes of 1295 (Peterhead) Squadron Air Cadets.

Earlier this year Shaun came first in the Junior Section of the Aberdeenshire Area Royal British Legion banner drill competition theld at Keith. That entitled him to take part in the National Finals held in Perth in July. Shaun performned very well to take third in his class - the first time he has competed at this level.

Shaun also shot to victory when he completed the Nijmegen Marches also held in July.

The annual march held in Holland sees thousands of entrants march 100 miles over a four-day period. The marches started in 1905 by the Dutch military and are used to this day as part of their training. The event has grown from a small contingent of army personnel to it now being the biggest road marching event in the world.

Shaun was part of the North-east Scotland team from the Air Cadets and has been training for the event for the past six months. He had to qualify in a two-day road march at Garelochead when all competitors has to complete one of the qualifying marches to be able to take part in the Vierdaagse (Nijmegen Marches).

Flt Lt Gillian Ross, Officer Commanding 1295 (Peterhead) Squadron, said: “We are all extremely proud of what Cpl Forbes has achieved this past month – his hard work and diligence to both tasks has certainly paid off. His determination to succeed will certainly stand him in good stead for his future – well done!”