Doric is vital in local politics and schools

The “mither tongue” of the North East – Doric – should continue to be heard in local politics and our schools, an Aberdeenshire MSP said in his farewell speech at the Scottish Parliament last week.

Tuesday, 30th March 2021, 8:07 am
Updated Tuesday, 30th March 2021, 8:12 am
A video by Peter Chapman extolling the virtues of Doric went viral.

A proud supporter of Doric, Peter Chapman has been Holyrood’s native speaker since being elected in 2016.

Scottish Conservative Mr Chapman raised £4,000 for the Crimond Medical and Community Hub with a CD entitled Poems & Sangs in the Doric.

He managed to sell 400 CDs and said it’s “an honour and a privilege” to donate to the community facility.

And a speech extolling its virtues with a rendition of Peterhead skipper Peter Buchan’s ‘Panloaf’ has been viewed by more than 270,000 people on social media.

Mr Chapman said the recent surge in its popularity shows Doric will no longer be ignored outside of North East Scotland.

And he told MSPs he “wid love tae see” Scots given the same level of support and funding as Gaelic, and for schoolchildren to learn local poetry in their own tongue.

He also paid tribute to fellow native speaker, Troup councillor and MSP hopeful Mark Findlater, for being “jist as passionate” on the subject.

In his final speech to the Scottish Parliament, Mr Chapman said: “One of the maist memorable speeches I hiv delivered in the last five years was the ane I did in my ain north-east tongue — the Doric.

"Fin I pit it on the Facebook, it wint viral, an I’ve hid aboot twa hunner an sivinty thoosan hits fae a ower the world.

"At jist gings tae show hoo important the Scots language is tae sae mony folk an foo important it is tae wir heritage an wir culture.

“I wid love tae see wir Scots language pit on an equal fittin wi Gaelic an get the same level o support an fundin as Gaelic gets.

"In my mind, it’s jist as important. It wid be great if the mony fantastic poems written in the Doric, for instance, cwid be taught in schools.

"Bit thankfully wir Doric winna be forgotten fin I leave becis Mark Findlater is fechtin the Banff an Buchan seat instead o me, an he’s a native spicker an jist as passionate aboot it as I am.”

You can watch Peter’s viral video at