Councillors to visit street affected by landslip

The landslip at Mackenzie Crescent
The landslip at Mackenzie Crescent
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Members of the Buchan Area Committee unanimously agreed to a site visit following discussions to restrict traffic on Peterhead’s Mackenzie Crescent.

Councillors debated a report which included plans to ban traffic from the street through a Prohibition of Vehicular Traffic Order, but couldn’t come to an agreement.

If the road were to close, access would be available to residents’ driveways, emergency services and delivery vehicles only with all other vehicles banned from driving through.

Councillor Fiona McRae was concerned that residents may be disadvantaged but Aberdeenshire Council roads manager Alan Burns reassured her that told no house would be blocked off.

After lenghty discussions, councillor Tom Malone suggested a site visit would be the best course of action to see how residents would be affected if the road were to be closed.

This idea was initially backed by cllrs Stephen Smith and Alan Gardiner, who said a site visit was the “sensible action”, with fellow councillors also in agreement.

A landslip occurred beneath Mackenzie Crescent in January 2012, placing a section of the road at risk from further landslips and the road was temporarily closed in the interests of public safety.

The road is still closed to this day and will remain so until a final decision on the fate of the street is made.