Councillors to visit Score bunding site

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Members of the Buchan Area Committee have agreed to visit the site of new proposed landscaping work at Glenugie Engineering Works.

One objection has been lodged and councillors will visit the site for futher information.

Score Plc wants permission for the formation of a 2m high landscaped bund on land on the periphery of their site at Glenugie,South Road.

The bund forms an L shape and measures approximately 25m west-east and 32 m northsouth.

Members of the Buchan area committee discussed the proposal at Tuesday’s area committee meeting.

The site was formerly the site of old buildings associated with the former distillery and planning permission wasgranted for their demolition last year.

The applicants confirm that the bund is required to screen and prevent access to the site.

One objection has been received concerning uncertainty regarding future development of area; boundary between sites has been diminished; the site has been left untidy and adversely impacting upon wider area; naterial has been dumped on site and site is overgrown with weeds and concern about run -ff from bund and vermin build-up in the area.

In a report to Tuesday’s meeting, planning chief Stephen Archer says: “The site is currently unkempt withremains of demolition and material deposited on the site giving it an unsightly appearance that detracts from the surroundings.

“As such the proposal to landscape and replant the area with a mixture of shrubs and grasses iswelcomed and will enhance the appearance of the area.

“Subject to appropriate conditions requiring these works to be undertaken timeously the application is being recommended for approval as it will improve the appearance of the area.

“The formation of the bund if appropriately maintained and landscaped will positively impact upon the surroundings.