Councillors being encouraged to approve Sea Cadets boat storage

Peterhead Sea Cadets want to create a boat storage compound at the marina
Peterhead Sea Cadets want to create a boat storage compound at the marina
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Councillors are being asked to show the green light to a new boat storage compound at Peterhead Marina for the town’s Sea Cadets unit.

An application from TS Caledonia has the backing of planners despite numerous objections from local residents after a previous landslip at the site two years ago.

Householders from Mackenzie Crescent - which lies directly above the location - say councillors should block the plans to safeguard the eroded ground.

They remain furious that the council failed to act to stablise the damaged land on the grounds that it would be too expensive and are still considering taking legal action.

But councillors will be told by Stephen Archer, director of infrastructure services, that they must purely debate the merits of this current application and not dwell on what has gone before.

In a report he states: “The planning service must consider this proposal as submitted and against the policies within the development plan and any other material considerations.

“The issues surrounding the previous application and the landslip which has affected the residents at Mackenzie Crescent in particular, despite the understandable concerns of the residents, has no bearing on the consideration of this application which must be considered on its own merits.

“As such and given the location of the site on the periphery of the public area and the backdrop of the south base it is not considered that this development raises any issues in terms of planning policy.

“As such it is recommended for approval.”

The compound is required for the secure storage of boats and canoes utilised by the Sea Cadets and is required to be located close to the slip where the boats enter the water at the Marina.

Currently, boats are stored within the harbour compound which is impractical given that young children have difficultly in moving the boats from this area to the marina.

The site is directly adjacent the former Falck Nutec building and the canoe club’s premises.

Despite objections that the new compound would affect the visual appearance of the area, planners do not consider that the development would adversely impact upon the wider Lido area.