Cook up a safe Christmas dinner this year

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If you have ever wanted to know the best way to roast a turkey then Aberdeenshire Council’s environmental health team has produced a leaflet with advice on preparing food at Christmas.

The leaflet includes information on the optimum temperature and length of time that different types of meat should be cooked as well as hygiene tips for hosting a party, serving a buffet and helpful advice on food allergies.

Chair of Infrastructure Services Committee Councillor Peter Argyle said: “While food safety is really important all year round, this leaflet will be a handy reference guide for people over the festive period, particularly if cooking something less ‘every-day’.

“I’m sure it will be welcomed.”

Vice-chair Councillor Alan S. Buchan added: “I encourage people to pick up a copy of the leaflet or download it from the website before putting on their oven gloves as it will help you and your guests keep safe this Christmas.”

Lead food officer John Bell said: “In the UK there are more than 500,000 food poisoning cases reported each year with 244,000 cases linked to poultry meat, and 72,000 of these were confirmed to be campylobacter poisoning.

“Within the environmental health team we are committed to stopping food poisoning happening at this time of year.

“This leaflet is a clear guide on what to do and not to do so people have a happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.”

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A copy of the leaflet can be found at environmental health offices throughout Aberdeenshire or at: