Committee reject turbine plans

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Councillors at the Buchan Area Committee voted to reject plans to erect a turbine at Nether Hythie Farm, Mintlaw.

Full planning permission for the turbine and associated infrastructure had been recommended for approval but councillors Jim Ingram and Lenny Pirie proposed a motion to reject the plans.

Fellow councillor Edie Chapman disagreed with the motion and believed the turbine plan should get the go ahead as she said: “The planners see no objection to this and councillors should support this.”

After going to a vote the motion to reject the turbine bid was backed by seven committee members while four believed the application should go ahead.

The turbine application received 16 objections from neighbouring residents with concerns that the structure would have an effect on wildlife and house prices, while others were worried about the visual impact on the local area as well as the noise and flicker that would come from the blades.

The plans also had an objection from the Ministry of Defence as they said it would cause an unacceptable interference to the AD radar at RAF Buchan.