Candidates urged to back A90 campaign

Local councillor and A90 campaigner Gillian Owen
Local councillor and A90 campaigner Gillian Owen

The founder of the ‘Why Stop At Ellon?’ campaign has issued a plea to all Scottish Election candidates standing in East Aberdeenshire and Buchan Coastal to endorse the dualling of the A90 from Ellon to Peterhead/Fraserburgh.

Ellon and District councillor Gillian Owen wrote a letter to the election candidates in an effort to raise awareness of the matter.

Cllr Owen said: “I have been disappointed in the current election campaign debate that candidates have not engaged on the issue of dualling the A90 from Ellon onwards.

“This is a major issue for all voters in this area and consequently I have contacted as many candidates as I can to ask for their endorsement and support for the dualling of the A90 from Ellon.”

She added: “I do not consider this a Party Political issue, it is an issue for the people of the North East of Scotland and I felt compelled to challenge the candidates on their views particularly after reading a pledge given by Alex Salmond 10 years ago.

“Nothing came of this promise which I felt was so disappointing for the local area and we have now been drifting for 10 years on this issue.

“The ‘Why Stop At Ellon?’ campaign has now been running for 21 months, during that time we have some 10,000 regularly viewing the site, we managed to get Transport Scotland to attend a series of meetings and Nestrans are carrying out a STAG report on the Peterhead corridor.

“The more support we have particularly from those elected, the more we can drive the issue.

“I do hope all candidates will feel that such a vital project for this area should be endorsed.”