Call for no more cuts to NHS Grampian

Richard Baker MSP has called for no further cuts to staffing levels at NHS Grampian.

Responding to the evidence given to Holyrood’s Health Committee which highlighted budget efficiencies which would have to be made at NHS Grampian including a reduction in the staffing budget, Mr Baker said:“We already know that NHS Grampian is the lowest funded health board in Scotland which is evident through the pressures we have seen them face in recent times with cancelled operations and increased waiting times for patients.

“Now we hear that there are £7.5 million efficiencies that will have to be made from the staffing budget alone. At a time when NHS Grampian are having difficulties recruiting and are actively looking at options to improve their situation, this move would effectively knock them back to square one.

“This news is a huge blow for the patients and staff alike in Grampian and Ministers must ensure that this is not the case.

“SNP Ministers have refused to provide our local health service with the resources they need for some time.

“If these budget cuts go ahead I can only see the situation reaching crisis point.”