Allard gives his vision for fishing after ‘yes’ vote

Christian Allard
Christian Allard

North East MSP Christian Allard is giving his vision for fishing communities should there be a Yes vote on September 18.

The French born MSP who worked for 30 years in the Scottish Fishing industry, says he understands better than most how the industry can benefit from a Yes vote this year.

In a debate at the Scottish Parliament recently, the SNP MSP explained how an independent Scotland would secure a bright and vibrant industry for generations to come.

Mr Allard said: “It is accepted that successive governments at Westminster have, at best, ignored the Scottish fishing industry, and at worst, considered the Scottish fishing fleet as expendable.

“In contrast the Scottish Parliament since 1999 has recognised the fishing industry as a sector to protect.

“Everyone in the North East accepts that Cabinet Secretary Richard Lochhead has made a real difference in promoting the sector and in safeguarding our fishing rights for future generations.

“With independence, our fishing communities will always be a priority for Scottish governments both in the North East and in Europe.

The SNP MSP has also called for more engagement with the fishing industry.

Mr Allard has written to Scottish Fishermen’s Federation chief executive, Bertie Armstrong, urging the organisation to more actively engage in the decision making process.