Aikey traveller plans to be debated further

Aikey Brae near Old Deer
Aikey Brae near Old Deer

Public pressure has forced Aberdeebnshire Council to further consider its proposals for a traveller stopover site at Aikey Brae near Old Deer.

Having been considered by the local authority’s Policy and Resources Committee earlier today (Thursday), the council issued a statement saying further discission was required.

A spokesperson said: “Given the level of public interest and a representation from the community council this week, it was agreed to further consider the options at Aikey Brae.

“Further reports will be considered at a future meeting.”

Strong views were expressed during a public meet earlier this year to discuss proposals to establish the travellers site near the Buchan village.

Local councillors and more than 60 members of the public attended the meeting chaired by the council’s head of housing, Douglas Edwardson. Also in attendance were representatives of Police Scotland, NHS Grampian, and specialist officers from the council.

The proposals for Aikey Brae would see the creation of 14 pitches and a water access point. When in use, the council would provide one portable toilet per family, and collect waste on a weekly basis.

A period of public consultation subsequently resulted in a petition against the plans bearing 300 signatures.

Concerns relating to crime and the clear-up of sites have been raised, as well as queries as to how the length of stay could realistically be managed. Other concerns included related to local farming and untamed dogs worrying livestock and other claims relating to ‘intimidation’.