Aberdeenshire Provost inspects damage to port

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The Provost of Aberdeenshire, Councillor Jill Webster, has visited Peterhead to see the areas damaged by severe weather.

The Provost joined Buchan area committee chairman, Councillor Stuart Pratt, and Buchan area manager Chris White, to tour parts of the town recently.

Around 30 people in Peterhead were evacuated after heavy rain, strong winds and high tides caused coastal flooding in the Roanheads area. The severe weather caused extensive damage in parts of the town, including the complete destruction of factory buildings and significant damage to Peterhead harbour. The cost of repair is still being assessed.

The Provost first visited the Roanheads area to see the 16 properties which were evacuated during the bad weather.

Most of the residents have now returned to their homes and work continues to repair the damage.

The group then went to the site of two collapsed factory buildings at Keith Inch, close to Peterhead harbour. Aberdeenshire Council is in talks with the factory owners about finding alternative sites for work to restart and see what else can be done to help.

The Provost was also given an update on the extensive structural damage at the Peterhead Port Authority area, including major issues with the harbour wall.

She said: “It is shocking to see how much damage has been caused in Peterhead by the severe weather on Saturday and my heart goes out to all those who have been affected.

“I appreciated the chance to see firsthand the damage that was caused, and also the brilliant work that has been carried out by council staff, in partnership with the emergency services, the local community and other organisations, to clear the debris and begin making repairs.

“It is going to take a significant amount of time and money to repair all of the damage. Aberdeenshire Council is committed to working with the individuals, businesses and organisations affected by the flooding to offer all the support that we can.”