Police ‘turning backs’ on their communities: MSP

North-east MSP Alison McInnes has criticised Police Scotland for turning its back on local communities.

She made the claim after it was revealed that public counters at Police stations across the region are set to reduce their opening hours or close entirely.

The desk at Peterhead police station will be open seven days a week between 7am and midnight.

However, it was previously open until 4am. Similarly, the public counter at Fraserburgh police station will shut at midnight instead of at 1:45am.

The front desk in Banff is set to open for ten hours a week less than at present, while the public counter at the police station in Portsoy, which is currently open between midday and 3pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, is set to close entirely.

The nationwide review of public counters recommended that 65 stations across Scotland – one in three - close their front desks.

Reacting to the results of the review, Ms McInnes commented: “Scottish Liberal Democrats repeatedly warned of the risks of centralising our police forces.

“The police have turned their backs on many North East communities and local policing is being eroded.

“The proposed closure of 65 public counters in police stations across Scotland could have a real impact on long-established links between police and our communities.

“People rightly value being able to report issues directly to their local police station.

“After decades of building a reputation as the stewards of the community, our local police risk becoming a faceless organisation.

Communities will understandably be worried about what will be next,” added Ms McInnes.