Police appeal for public support

SImple Solution: Constable Andy Rankin believes a barrier refraining people from using the car park would help the situation.
SImple Solution: Constable Andy Rankin believes a barrier refraining people from using the car park would help the situation.

Grampian Police are appealing for the support of members of the public in the hope to stamp out anti-social behaviour.

It was brought to the Buchanie’s attention by a member of the public that problems have been arising at the Focus/Halfords and Lidl car parks outwith working hours.

Mr Graham Hay recently submitted a letter to the Buchanie, voicing his concerns about activities occurring in these car parks in the evening.

He wrote: “I reside in close proximity to the Halfords/Focus carpark and find I now need to voice my concerns as to the after hours activities it is being used for. Increasingly the Boy Racer population of the area are using it as their own personal skid track, performing donuts and revving their “performance” engines to destruction.

“Not only that, it also appears to now be the unofficial start & finish line of some imaginary race circuit.”

Mr Hay also highlighted in his letter that noise levels in the area can go on until midnight, meaning nearby residents are unable to relax in their homes. It was suggested in his letter that the retailers could install a barrier that can be closed at the end of business, protecting both the retailers premises and stopping the unruly behaviour.

We contacted Grampian Police to see if anything could be done to help the situation.

Inspector Kenny Coutts said: “The best thing that members of the public can do is provide us with statements, if they can give us a detailed explanation of what they have witnessed along with a registration number we can act on this at the time.

“Members of the public are just hoping we see the anti-social behaviour taking place, but this isn’t always the case, by the time we get up there it has stopped and we simply have a word with those present at the time.

“If however, people were to provide us with statements we can then go and charge the individuals.

“We’re looking for assistance in the area from members of the public, we can’t be there all the time, so if they can help us, we can hopefully prevent some of ongoing issues.”

Constable Andy Rankin, added: “Only five calls have been made to the police this year regarding this situation, I would appeal to anyone who witnesses any form of anti-social driving to contact us at the material time (0845 600 5 700 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111) when the incident can be dealt with at an early stage.

“I do agree with Mr Hay in the respect that some minor Crime Reduction measures, such as the barrier he suggests, would go a way to reducing the problem. Unfortunately this option would lie with the site owner.”