Police advice for those attending the Turriff Show and marquee dance

Police have issued advice for those attending the Turriff Show and marquee dance.
Police have issued advice for those attending the Turriff Show and marquee dance.

With preparations for this year's Turriff Show being finalised, Police are advising visitors of local parking restrictions that will be in place for the popular event and to encourage those at the pre-event marquee dance to enjoy the event sensibly.

Inspector Jamie Harrison from the Formartine Community Policing Team explains: "The Turriff Show is the largest agricultural event in the North East of Scotland and will see many thousands of people coming to Turriff on Sunday, July 31 and Monday, August 1.

"For those attending the dance on Friday night (July 29) and socialising in Turriff over the weekend I'd like to encourage everyone to have a good night but would give the following advice. Please don’t drink to excess, doing so puts you in a vulnerable position. Stay in groups of friends and plan how you are going to get home before going out. Also, dress sensibly for the weather conditions and wear appropriate footwear.

"I will have additional officers on patrol helping to keep everyone safe. We will target the minority of people who go out to cause trouble. This has included working with the Turriff Pubwatch scheme, where details of people who have been banned from licensed premises in Turriff has been shared with the organisers of the marquee dance.

"If you cause trouble over the weekend, the message is clear, we will deal with any offences robustly which may include a ban on visiting local licensed premises and future marquee dances.

"On the days of the show there will be increased traffic and demand for parking.

"As with last year, there will be temporary no waiting restrictions in force on streets around the Turriff show ground again. These are in place to maintain the flow of traffic and to ensure that there is always access to the showground for emergency services.

"The parking last year worked very well, with no parking tickets being issued, however following the event I was made aware that some people had parked in or around Turriff Hospital. You will understand why it is important that access to the hospital is kept clear.

"Historically people raised concerns they had been permitted to park on grass verges around Bridgend Terrace and the Sports centre. Police have received complaints from local residents about people parking here so officers will be enforcing this legislation robustly. It is a specific offence to drive or park on areas other than a road, so parking on the grass will not be permitted.

"Concerns were also raised previously that several 'no waiting' cones had been moved which resulted in people being unaware of the temporary waiting restrictions. Police will regularly check the cones placement, but I would like to emphasise that if you see any cones on a road, there will be a no waiting restriction in place and you should not park there.

"I would strongly urge everyone to use the excellent parking provided at small cost by the show organisers. This year the parking system has again been improved, with an additional road being developed to allow traffic to flow into two parks, while the use of mobile cashiers will encourage the free flow of traffic.

"The traffic management system in place has prevented queues when entering and exiting show parking and there will be a disabled badge holders area close to the showground.

"Finally I hope everyone has a great time at this fantastic event and will keep my fingers crossed for some sunshine."