Plenty of ‘positives’ in Peterhead? your views...

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Our weekly Facebook comments page has certainly proved popular with readers, but we have often been accused on focusing on the negative aspects of our area.

So, in response to that, we asked our FB friends to tell us all the positive things about Peterhead.

What do you love about our town? What do we have that could be promoted elsewhere? Are we making the most of our tourist attractions?

Here are just some of the responses...

Stephen Calder:

“Peterhead has a great history which could be highlighted as a visitor/tourist attraction. How many people t know about the Jacobite history - of how King James VIII (III) landed here at Port Henry Pier in December 1715 to attempt to take back the throne which had been given to the Elector of Hanover at Westminster the previous year. James was proclaimed King by the people of Peterhead at Broad Street.There’s so much history in Peterhead – it should be exploited to attract visitors from all over the world.”

Kelly Langmore:

“I like that we have two beaches right on our doorstep. Some people have to travel hundreds of miles to find one.”

Jane Warren:

“Not just beaches but sandy beaches, The harbour is always a favourite for young children to look at the boats. The programme “Trawler Men” was watched all over the UK and would also attract people to come to the town where it was made.”

Carol-Anne Murphy:

“Peterhead has loads of positives the Lido, Buchanhaven pier, o’er water, caravan site by the sea, heritage and history, harbour, Trawlermen , Bullers o’ Buchan , pool and community centre, museum, mixture of High street and independent shops , and most of all beautiful views out to sea.”

Liz May:

“I left Peterhead many years ago due to my job. Loved all the history, visiting the Bullers and the beautiful beaches and I would love to come back to live there again.

“There’s good and bad points, but being positive makes a real difference.”

Robert Duncan:

“Peterhead has a tremendous fishing heritage, but it is more than that as has already been alluded to. Right on Peterhead’s doorstep are some of the best natural sand dune systems. Go past Craigewan and you can walk for miles on unspoilt beaches.”

Wendy Haggath:

“I love living right by the sea, it’s a stunning view in all weathers! I love the sense of community and how well people support each other and get behind ‘common goals’. There’s lots to be improved but we’re working on it!”

Denise Brydon:

“I have just been working in Peterhead and I would say the town has a huge asset in its friendly and helpful people. That’s a positive attribute to be proud of.”