Playmakers Awards for Buchan pupils

Peterhead and Mintlaw primary schools were invovled.
Peterhead and Mintlaw primary schools were invovled.

Buchan pupils in primary six were recently afforded the opportunity to complete the Playmakers Awards programme this term.

The primary six pupils from Mintlaw and Peterhead completed the programme which focuses on developing leadership skills such as organisation, communication and teamwork, as well as helping to develop confidence and self-esteem.

Chair of the council’s education, learning and leisure committee, Isobel Davidson, praised the programme.

“The P6 pupils have really enjoyed the training and are looking forward to developing their coaching skills and confidence when teaching the younger pupils.

“Having college students and the S5-6 pupils deliver the training really gave the P6s a level to aspire to,” she added, congratulating all those who passed the award.

The awards were made possible through the efforts of college volunteers Aaron Jamieson, Kieran Groves, and Jack Donaldson, and the S5-6 sports leaders from Mintlaw and Peterhead academies who delivered the training as part of a peer-education

The pupils discussed the leadership qualities required to act as role models in the playground and were taught a number of coaching skills to help them create safe, fun and effective physical activity games for younger pupils.

The award is said to be a great tool for teaching the pupils a range of skills that they will be able to use during their transition into secondary school.

As well as this, the award also encourages pupils to get involved in helping the younger pupils become more active, in turn helping Active Schools with their fundamental aim - to provide more children with the motivation and opportunities to adopt active and healthy lifestyles.

Vice chair of the education, learning and leisure committee, Ron McKail, said: “This a great leadership course for the P6 pupils and highlights the great work being done by Active Schools.

“Programmes like these will help encourage pupils of all ages to follow a fit and active lifestyle.”

For more information on Active Schools, visit Aberdeenshire Council’s website online at