Plastic fantastic for Peterhead lad

Maria Kossin with Zak Arthur sat on the bench created from Zaks plastic bottle.
Maria Kossin with Zak Arthur sat on the bench created from Zaks plastic bottle.

In June last year, a Peterhead boy put a message in a plastic bottle and threw it out to sea.

Little did Zak Arthur know just how far his bottle would travel with the message including his name, address and an important P.S. stating ‘Please dispose of the bottle responsibly - recycle’.

In just 34 days Zak’s bottle crossed the North Sea (450 miles) and washed up on the tiny German island of Norderney.

By remarkable coincidence, the bottle was picked up by Maria Kossin, wife of the late founder of Hahn Plastics, Europe’s largest manufacturer of recycled plastic products.

Mrs Kossin immediately wrote back to Zak and invited him and his family to Hahn Plastic’s UK facility in Manchester.

On December 10, Zak watched his original plastic bottle be transformed into one of Hahn’s 2,000 products made from 100 per cent recycled plastic.

In this case it was made into a bench which was donated to Zak’s school in Peterhead.

“It’s an amazing story, but we love that Zak cares so much about recycling,” said Howard Waghorn, director of Hahn Plastics UK.

“We’re all worried about plastic in our seas and Zak’s bottle is a great example of how useful all that waste plastic can still be.

“By seeing the recycling process for himself, we hope Zak will be a life-long recycler,” he added.

Hahn is Europe’s largest manufacturer of recycled plastics profiles, made from 100% recycled plastic.

Hahn has operations in Germany, UK, France, Italy and Canada. Every year HAHN process around 60,000 tonnes of waste plastics from both domestic and commercial waste streams.