Photographic exhibition at Cruden Bay

Don't miss the Palace in the Sandhills Exhibition
Don't miss the Palace in the Sandhills Exhibition

The Port Erroll Heritage Group are holding a photographic exhibition at the village hall in Cruden Bay this weekend.

The Palace in the Sandhills Exhibition event is a celebration of the Cruden Bay Hotel, its golf course and tramway.

The Cruden Bay Hotel was built in 1899 as part of a grand scheme to transform Cruden Bay into an upmarket luxury resort, one that was described as the 'Brighton of Aberdeenshire'.

The hotel attracted millionaires from the UK and abroad; some returned year after year. Prime Ministers' Herbert Asquith and Lloyd George met there for afternoon tea, while Winston Churchill played on the golf course. The resort's heyday lasted about ten years and then the number of visitors declined.

The hotel survived until the 1950s when it was demolished.

The exhibition will illustrate the sumptuous luxury of high-class living at the turn of the last century, the mahogany fittings, the crystal glass chandeliers and the teak-panelled trams that brought the millionaires from the station to the hotel: a glory now gone except for the photographs that will be on display.

The exhibition will be held at Cruden Bay Village Hall on Saturday, March 23, from 10am to 4pm.

Admission is free and refreshments will be available.