Phone line to transfer to new medical centre

The new Crimond Medical Centre
The new Crimond Medical Centre

Crimond Medical Centre patients have been warned to expect line outage on Monday due to the transfer of the phone line to the new centre.

BT will be transferring lines over to the new Crimond Medical Centre on the morning of Monday, November 6.

A spokesperson for Crimond Medical Centre said: "During this time there will be “line outage” which means that you may not get an answer if you phone our regular number of 01346 532215.

"We will keep our patients up-to-date on all progress via our Facebook page and WAVES Radio, so please make sure you keep up to date via both these mediums.

"Please do not phone and leave any messages on our repeat prescription line from Monday 6 to Wednesday 8 November as we may not get these messages.

"Remember from November 1 to 14 we are requesting you do not put any repeat medication requests through unless an emergency.​"