Peterhead support group available

Tear Drops is a voluntary support group that has started up in Peterhead.

It is for family and friends left behind after a traumatic death such as murder, suicide or drug related and sudden deaths.

The group was set up by local woman Sheena Googe, who went through the trauma of losing her brother who was murdered.

Sheena and her family discovered there was no support or counselling within the area for this type of bereavement and the trauma that goes along with it.

She said: “Whilst dealing with the grief of sudden loss we found ourselves dropped into an unknown world of post mortems, police and courts before being able to lay our loved one to rest, and only then could the grieving begin.

“When you freeze or panic in public places, the feeling of being lost and alone with your grief can be overwhelming.

“The questions, guilt and the feeling that no-one understands what you are going through are just some of the reasons why Tear Drops is important to this area to say ‘Someone does care’.

“Come and visit to be with others who understand, or just drop in for a cup of tea as we would love to see you.”

The Tear Drops group meet every Thursday from 2pm until 4pm at The House, 64 Windmill Street, Peterhead.

For further information call Sheena on 07531 219979 or visit the group’s Facebook page.