Peterhead Port Authority names new chief executive

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Peterhead Port Authority has appointed Simon Brebner as its new chief executive.

Port convenor, Gavin Thain, said that he and his board had made the appointment after ‘a long and thorough search nationwide’.

Mr Brebner will take up his duties on June 11 and will move to Peterhead from his present base in Lytham, St Annes.

Mr Brebner, who grew up in South Africa and has a grown-up family, has held senior positions in multiple ports throughout the world.

With more than 30 years’ commercial shipping experience he will bring with him a deep understanding of stakeholder needs and business activity.

Acting CEO John Wallace, will continue at the port until the present project is completed in late August/September.

He said: “Mr Brebner is an engaging individual with the experience, drive and energy required to promote the ports interests.

“He will network well and ensure our customers are well served and represented.”

To strengthen the port’s service to the fishing and processing sector, a Business Development Officer is presently being sourced, who will report directly to the chief executive.

“In this way, all of our main stakeholder groups will continue to receive the attention they deserve and the fresh outlook from Mr Brebner, I am sure will be both welcomed and refreshing,” said Mr Wallace.

Mr Brebner said he was simply thrilled to have succeeded with this appointment and was attracted by the diversity involved in the role.

“I researched Peterhead Port and the business very thoroughly and I am impressed by the high standards of service currently in place,” he said.

“I plan to meet with as many people in the different sectors, as quickly as possible so that I can indeed understand what they want from their port.”