Peterhead motorist voices anger after receiving parking fine at free car park

The sticker found on the Lido Car Park sign
The sticker found on the Lido Car Park sign

A Peterhead motorist has voiced their anger after they received a fine while their vehicle was parked at the Lido car park.

The motorist, who wishes to remain anonymous, parked their vehicle in the free car park on Tuesday, September 5 as they took a bus into Aberdeen.

However upon their return to the Blue Toon they discovered a parking fine on theirwindscreen.

The motorist said: “I have parked there for a long time and have never had a ticket, others have done the same too.”

They went up to Aberdeenshire Council’s Peterhead base, Buchan House, to ask why they had received the ticket.

Council staff told them fine information had been placed on a sticker that can be found on the sign at the entrance to the car park.

However the motorist raised concerns that the stickers were “too small” and that motorists wouldn’t notice them.

They added: “It is a white sticker on a white sign, how are people supposed to see that?

“They also said a sticker has been put on the back of the sign too but how many people are going to walk up and read it?”

Explaining the situation, a spokesperson at Aberdeenshire Council said: “There are several spaces reserved for coach parking for bus parties visiting the town.

“There has not been any changes at the car park but due to the volume of cars parking in bays reserved for coaches, it has been necessary to become stricter in our approach to enforcement.

“The stickers were added in advance in the hope that this would draw the attention of car park’s users and new signage will be manufactured in due course.

“However, the extent of parking infringements has greatly reduced since undertaking further enforcement and introducing the stickers, which now allows coaches to use the car park as intended.”