Peterhead man ordered to pay £1k compensation order for animal abuse

The Scottish SPCA released this photo of Doodles after his arrival at the vet
The Scottish SPCA released this photo of Doodles after his arrival at the vet

A Peterhead man who failed to provide adequate veterinary attention and grooming for his dog has been ordered to pay a £1,000 compensation order following a Scottish SPCA investigation.

David Youngston was sentenced at Aberdeen Sheriff Court on Tuesday, April 9.

Youngston pled guilty to causing unnecessary suffering under section 19 of the Animal Health & Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006.

Commenting on the investigation and court case, Scottish SPCA Inspector Fiona Shand said: “The charge was dealt as Youngston caused his dog Doodle suffering by failing to provide adequate veterinary attention and grooming.

“Upon veterinary examination, Doodles was found to have severely matted fur over his whole body. The matts were significantly contaminated with faecal matter around his hind and feet, and he smelt very strongly of urine and faeces.

“Doodles had a significantly reduced range of motion in all four limbs, and was lame on his right hind leg due to the matting restricting his movement.

“Once the matted fur had been clipped it became evident that there was urine scalding on all four feet, around the groin area as the matts had restricted urination.

“Doodle’s bodyweight on presentation was 9.4kg, after removal of the matted fur his bodyweight was 7.5kg.

“Although we welcome the fact that this case has been dealt with by the court, we are disappointed with the sentence handed down. As no ban was issued, Doodles had to be returned to Youngston’s care.

“This case further highlights our push for tougher and more consistent sentencing. This degree of matting had not occurred quickly and is likely to have taken a considerable amount of time to get to this state. Doodles suffered unnecessarily as a result of this and it could have been easily avoided.”