Peterhead Lifeboat called out twice in one week

Peterhead Lifeboat crew transfer to stranded boat, Louve
Peterhead Lifeboat crew transfer to stranded boat, Louve

RNLI Peterhead Relief Tamar Lifeboat, Frank and Anne Wilkinson was launched twice last week after reports of an alleged surfer and a disabled yacht.

On Tuesday, July 30, the lifeboat was called out at 12.35pm with its volunteer crew to search for an alleged surfer seen two miles off the coast between Boddam and Slains Castle.

The lifeboat, aided by the Aberdeen lifeboat and a rescue helicopter, searched the area of the sighting without success and returned after three hours.

It was discovered later that the alleged surfer was infact a marker buoy.

The lifeboat was then called out the very next day as a disabled 44ft yacht named Louve was stranded with four men and two ladies on board at around 2.40pm.

The yacht found itself in trouble seven nautical miles north east of Peterhead Harbour after its engine had failed and as a result, it had no power.

One lifeboat crewman was transferred to the stricken yacht and the lifeboat towed the vessel to the Peterhead Marina.

The lifeboat returned to its berth at Peterhead Harbour at around 5.40pm.

Peterhead Lifeboat is always interested to hear from anyone wishing to join the crew.

If you think you have what it takes to be a member then contact Peterhead Lifeboat Station on 01779 473331.