Peterhead Hospital on the agenda

The doors at Peterhead Community Hospital are set to undergo a major overhaul.
The doors at Peterhead Community Hospital are set to undergo a major overhaul.

Two staff members from Peterhead Community Hospital have attended a meeting of the town’s Community Council on Wednesday.

Dr Graham Strachan and area manager Lorna Watt met with community councillors last week to address local residents’ concerns.

Dr Strachan, who has worked as a GP in Peterhead for the past 14 years, began by outlining the range of services offered by the Community Hospital.

The GP said patients who were admitted to the Summers Ward at the hospital are treated by their own doctors and can receive occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

Community council chair, John Brownlee began by asking the visitors whether they were surprised by the content of the thier letter which had been submitted to the hospital management.

Ms Watt said she had been surprised by its content, while Dr Strachan said they could not be sure of the timescales of the complaints.

Dr Strachan and Ms Watt added that, while the hospital had not undertaken questionnaires of patients recently, there is a complaints procedure which patients can pursue.

Staffing levels at the hospital, waiting times for GP appointments, demographic change and car-parking at the hospital were all raised during the meeting.

Community councillors said the complaints which had been raised had come from only one area of the hospital service and they were also keen to stress the good work that the hospital does.

Ms Watt concluded by saying the hospital is looking to provide as good a service, and as many services, as possible and urged community councillors to play a role in highlighting the positive work undertaken at Peterhead Community Hospital.