Peterhead Group host annual industrial show in Mintlaw

Longside WRI were winners of the Whitehill Cup
Longside WRI were winners of the Whitehill Cup

This year’s Peterhead Group annual industrial show was held on October 18 in Mintlaw public hall.

Sandra Kinghorn, group president, gave a warm welcome to everyone, especially the judges were from the Kingswells group.

The Individual prize winners

The Individual prize winners

Mrs Kinghorn mentioned that the entries were two down from last year.

Longside WRI were congratulated on being third equal for the Federation quiz at Inverurie.

Baby blanket entries for the show are to be donated to Friends of the Special Nursery.

The next meeting for the Peterhead Group will be on Monday, November 24 in the Kemp Hall, Old Deer, at 7pm.

Some of the pieces on display

Some of the pieces on display

This will be to discuss next year’s Whitelhill cup on Saturday, October 24, 2015, again in Mintlaw public hall.

The theme for this year was ‘Hallowe’en’ and the winners of the Whitehill Cup were Longside, with Mintlaw second and Lonmay third. St. Combs, Blackhills & District and Crimond were all highly commended.

Sandra Kinghorn then welcomed Mrs Farquhar, president of Kingswells group to present the prizes.

Mrs Farquhar expressed how they were all impressed with the very high standard of work as the theme which was chosen was a delight to see and she couldn’t wait to go back to tell her ladies.

She then presented the prizes as follows:

Whitehill Cup - 1 Longside, 2 Mintlaw, 3 Lonmay, HC - St. Combs, Blackhills & District, Crimond.

Mitchell Cup (most points housewives) - Amy Reid, Crimond.

Joan Forbes Cup (most points handicrafts) - Margaret Rodger (Lonmay).

Anderson Cup (best exhibit in housewives co-operative outwith winners) - Margaret Cruickshank and Ena Lamb (Mintlaw).

St. Fergus Cup (best exhibit handicrafts and co-operative outwith winners) - Eunice Brownlee (Blackhills).

Robertson Cup - Fional Rafferty (Mintlaw).

Valkyrie Cup (best exhibit in housewives) - Amy Reid, Crimond.

Longside Trophy - Sheila Corbett, Mintlaw.

St. Fergus Cup (most points in produce) - Irene Sievwright, Longside.

Group Cup (best exhibit in produce) - Fiona Rafferty, Mintlaw.

Mabel Birnie Trophy (floral art) - Fiona Rafferty.

Large Stuartfield Cup (Special annual award, tea cosy) - Irene Reid, Crimond.

Dorothy Davidson Shield (awarded to the institute with the most new members) - Bogbrae.

Gladys Scroggie Trophy (awarded to institute with the most entries in show) - Lonmay.

Dawson Trophy (awarded to member with the most points in miscellaneous section of show) - M. Rodger, Lonmay.

Mabel Birnie Cup (yeast cookery, fruit loaf) - Amy 
Reid, Crimond.


Novelty Hallowe’en sponge - 1 K. Catto (Lonmay), 2 I. Sievwright (Longside), 3 P. Marshall (Longside).

Fruit loaf, yeast, given recipe - 1 A. Reid (Crimond), 2 S. Kinghorn (Lonmay), 3 H. Hepburn (Lonmay), HC - N. Ruxton (Lonmay).

Two decorated double shortbread - 1 A. Reid (Crimond), 2 M Smith (Lonmay), 3 J. Campbell (Lonmay), HC - A. Sandilands (C); W. Smith (St.Combs).

Two cheesecakes - 1 K. Catto (Lonmay), 2 A. Reid (Crimond), 3 S. Corbett (Mintlaw), HC - H. Hepburn (Lonmay), A. Bain (Longside).

Two custard creams - 1 P. Findlay (Blackhills), 2 M. Smith (Lonmay), 3 A. Sandilands (Bogbrae), HC - A. Reid (Crimond), I. Sievwright (Longside).

Two chocolate brownies - 1 P. Findlay (Blackhills), 2 P. Marshall (Longside), 3 A. Sandilands (Bogbrae), HC - E. Stephen (St. Combs), E. Lamb (Mintlaw).

Two tattie scones - 1 M. Palmer (Blackhills), 2 P. Findlay (Blackhills), 3 N. Ruxton (Lonmay).

Two unfilled brandy snaps - 1 I. Sievwright (Longside), 2 A. Sandilands (Bogbrae), 3 R. Rennie (Crimond).


Jar of lemon curd - 1 F. Rafferty (Mintlaw), 2 N. Ruxton (Lonmay), 3 P,. Findlay (Blackhills), HC - H. Hepburn (Lonmay), R. Rennie (Crimond).

Wedge pumpkin pie - 1 P. Findlay (Blackhills), 2 A. Reid (Crimond), 3 P. Marshall (Lonmay).

Cinder toffee/puff candy - 1 K. Catto (Lonmay), 2 J. Swanston (Blackhills), 3 I. Sievwright (Longside).

Bottle of witches brew - 1 I. Sievwright (Longside), 2 W. Smith (St. Combs) HC - M. McRobbie (St. Combs).

Wedge of quiche - 1 B. Ross (St. Combs), 2 A. Bain (Longside), 3 M. Palmer (Blackhills).

Two savoury biscuits - 1 A. Reid (Crimond), 2 I. Sievwright (Longside), 3 M. Ross (St. Combs), HC - S. Kinghorn 


Article in jewellery - 1 A. Sandilands (Bogbrae), 2 E. Rafferty (Mintlaw), 3 K. Buchan (St. Combs).

Article in cross stitch - 1 M. Kelman (Longside), 2 M. Davidson (Mintlaw), 3 A. Sandilands (Bogbrae).

Article in embroidery - 1 J. Fyfe (Longside).

Hallowe’en bunting - 1 F. Rafferty (Mintlaw), 2 M. Smith (Lonmay), 3 Vi May (Longside), HC - M. Kelman (Longside), A. Sandilands (Bogbrae), J. Craigmyle (Bogbrae).

Mask - 1 M. Bodger (Lonmay), 2 M. Kelman (Longside), 3 K. Buchan (St. Combs).

Decorated pumpkin lantern - 1 M. Bodger (Lonmay), 2 S. Kinghorn (Lonmay), 3 A. Bain (Longside).

Something new from old - 1 M. Bodger (Lonmay), 2 F. Rafferty (Mintlaw), 3 M. Ross (St. Combs).

Hallowe’en photograph - 1 M. Ross (St. Combs), 2 I. Reid (Crimond), 3 M. Craigie (Lonmay), HC - S. Kinghorn (Lonmay), A. Bain (Longside).

Moonlight scene painting - 1 M. Smith (Lonmay), 2 K. Catto (Lonmay), 3 E. Brownlee (Blackhills).

Crochet in any yarn - 1 A. Webster (St. Combs), 2 M. Buchan (St. Combs), 3 S. Buchan (Bogbrae).

Article in 20 cottom - 1 S. Corbett (Mintlaw), 2 M. Davidson (Mintlaw), 3 B. Smith (Bogbrae).

Toys, knitted - 1 M. Buchan (St. Combs), 2 F. Rafferty (Mintlaw), 3 I. Reid (Crimond), HC - H. Hepburn (Lonmay).

One sewn - 1 F. Rafferty (Mintlaw), 2 M. Rodger (Lonmay), 3 J. Fyfe (Longside).

Fresh arrangement in Hallowe’en theme - 1 F. Rafferty (Mintlaw), 2 M. Rodger (Lonmay), 3 E. Lamb (Mintlaw).

Artificial arrangement Hallowe’en theme - 1 F. Rafferty (Mintlaw), 2 M. Rodger (Lonmay), 3 E. Lamb (Mintlaw).

Hallowe’en party invitation - 1 E. Milne (Longside), 2 I. Reid (Crimond), 3 L. Cheyne (Lonmay) HC - E. Brownlee (Blackhills).

Hallowe’en limerick - 1 J. Deltesta (St. Combs), 2 I. Sievwright (Longside), 3 H. Gray (Lonmay), HC E. Brownlee (Blackhills), A. Sandilands (Bogbrae).


Baby blanket, plain, given pattern, to be donated - 1 W. Anderson (St. Combs), 2 I. Reid (Crimond), 3 S. Buchan (St. Combs).

Baby blanket, frilled - 1 M. Rodger (Lonmay), 2 M. McLean (Mintlaw), 3 P. Findlay (Blackhills), HC - B. Buchan (Lonmay), M. Kelman (Longside).

Best use of 100gms wool - 1 I. Reid (Crimond), 2 E. Lamb (Mintlaw), 3 M. Buchan (St. Combs), HC - W. Anderson (St Combs), M. Rodger (Lonmay).

Wrist warmers, given pattern - 1 A. Bain (Longside), 2 B. Morris (Lonmay), 3 M. Rodger (Lonmay), HC - P. Findlay (Blackhills), S. Kinghorn (Lonmay).

Tea cosy - 1 I. Reid (Crimond), 2 S. Corbett (Mintlaw), 3 S. Buchan (St. Combs), HC - M. Davidson (Mintlaw), P. Findlay (Blackhills).


Sewn scented sachet - 1 M. Rodger (Lonmay), 2 M. Smith (Lonmay), 3 M. Davidson (Mintlaw).

Trick or treat bag - 1 M. Rodger (Lonmay), 2 H. Duncan (Bogbrae), 3 M. Smith (Lonmay), HC - M. Kelman (Longside).

Sewn gift - 1 A. Reid (Crimond), 2 E. Matthew (Lonmay), 3 M. Rodger (Lonmay).

Elizabeth Dalgarno expressed a comprehensive vote of thanks to Mrs Farquhar to Bogbrae for the teas and Longside for the bottle stall.

The raffle was then drawn bringing a great day to a close.