Peterhead community nurse leaves after 29 years

Doreen Henderson with her fellow nurses
Doreen Henderson with her fellow nurses
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A local community nurse has left her post at Peterhead Health Centre after 29 years.

Doreen Henderson was treated to a surprise Afternoon Tea at the Buchan Braes Hotel in Boddam on Wednesday, June 18 by her fellow work colleagues.

Speaking to the Buchanie, Doreen said: “I didn’t know anything about this, I was just told to be ready to go on a mystery tour.

“I have really enjoyed my time at Peterhead Health Centre and I wouldn’t change any of it.”

Doreen previously worked at Peterhead Community Hospital before joining the Health Centre.

Doreen added: “We are a really close team so I’m not leaving them behind, this will just give me more time to organise our social events!”

Doreen’s workmates had also organised a leaving party for her later on.