Why not consider a career in fostering?

There is a shortage of foster carers in Scotland says FCA.
There is a shortage of foster carers in Scotland says FCA.

At this time of year thoughts often turn to family and the future, however, for many children awaiting foster placements in Scotland, it can be a time of loneliness and uncertainty.

This could have been the reality for dozens of children in Scotland if it wasn’t for Foster Care Associates’ (FCA) warm-hearted, yet resilient, foster carers who ensure that these children receive the love, respect and care they need.

There is a shortage of foster carers in Scotland, so FCA wants to hear from potential foster families who are keen to make a difference and provide a safe and stable home to young people in the region in 2015.

Jo Derrick from FCA said: “We’re continually seeking to attract new carers with a spare bedroom who believe they have the patience, understanding and determination to make a difference to young people’s lives.

“From people whose children have left home and single people, to families with teenagers, there are all kinds of families and individuals who can begin the hugely rewarding journey into foster care.

“The key thing is that we offer all the support and training carers need to be able to meet the needs of children and young people, whatever their situation.”

According to FCA there are many factors that make up an ideal candidate – everything from being adaptable, resilient and nurturing to being a good listener and having a flexible response to a young person’s needs.

From the very beginning FCA provides ongoing support to all of its carers, throughout the UK, and is dedicated to providing all the advice they need to make a positive impact on the children they look after.

Anyone interested in fostering is invited to come along to one of FCA’s many fostering information events.

If you would like more information on becoming a foster carer with the FCA, call 0800 023 4561 or visit www.thefca.co.uk