Two streets to be named after well-known trio

Chris Tait is back row end right.
Chris Tait is back row end right.

A Peterhead trio are to have two streets named after them in a new residential development at the former Craigewan site in the town.

Members of the Buchan area committee gave approval for the streets to be named after Elsie Newell and Chris Tait, when they met in Peterhead on Tuesday.

Buchanhaven Heritage Society contacted the council in December 2012 to suggest that they would like to see a street in the town named after Raymond and Elsie Newell.

They stated that Mr and Mrs Newell were prominent local people who contributed greatly to the community and therefore believed that their service to Peterhead was worthy of recognition.

Meanwhile, Cllr Stephen Smith suggested in April last year that in the same context a street should be named after Chris Tait.

Cllr Smith commented that Mrs Tait served as a councillor on Peterhead Town Council (as did Mrs Newell) and thought it would be appropriate to mark the public service of both of these women with a street name, particularly given the dominence of local government by men in those days.

The names have been suggested to Peterhead Community Council on all subsequent street naming requests, and were approved in the Craigewan development at their meeting in October this year.

Living relatives of both the Newells and Chris Tait have been contacted and their approval of the suggested use of names has been sought.

The proposed naming of Newell Lane has been welcomed by the Newells’ family who are delighted at the suggested recognition.