TV blackening for Lonmay couple

Caz and Ross with Samantha Little as they prepare for their blackening.
Caz and Ross with Samantha Little as they prepare for their blackening.

A Lonmay couple will feature in a documentary being shown on BBC Scotland later this month.

Hidden Lives - The Blackening, will feature Carole (known as Caz) Ross and Ross Brebner as they prepare for the wedding with one of the area’s best known traditions and will be screened on Thursday, November 7.

Samantha Little will present the fourth episode in the series in which she explores the extremely mucky pre-wedding ritual.

Originating from an ancient custom of rubbing soot into the feet, the modern blackening is a very different affair and can be a wild and riotous occasion.

The engaged couple are kidnapped and are ‘gunked’ by friends and family, who use all manner of disgusting substances, including fermented dog food, rotten eggs and even fish guts!

As Samantha reveals, the purpose of this disgusting practice is to bring good luck.

Samantha, who was blackened herself, follows Caz and Ross who allowed the cameras to capture every disgusting moment.

Samantha says: “Originating from the old custom of rubbing lucky soot on the legs and feet, the modern ‘blackening’ is basically ritualised gunking - but they are always a lot of fun.”

She added: “While my initial reaction to blackening was one of pure horror, I know see what a great way it is to bring together family and friends.

“It may be a tradition with ancient roots, but I hope it is one that will continue.”

The programme will be shown on BBC Scotland at 8.30pm.