Tourism award nod for Heritage Society

Alex Geddes of the Buchanhaven Heritage Society
Alex Geddes of the Buchanhaven Heritage Society

Peterhead’s Buchanhaven Heritage Society has been shortlisted for the Tourism Everyone’s Business award at the 2015 Aberdeen City and Shire Tourism Awards.

The award celebrates innovation in collaboration and partnerships - a theme upon which the society is built.

The Buchanhaven Heritage Society was founded in 2012 in order to preserve the area’s history and traditions.

Now, three years later, the society runs a popular visitor and community centre that regularly welcomes tourists with an interest in history, many of whom have traced their ancestry to the north east.

But the visitor centre is just the tip of the iceberg: with a specially commissioned tartan, pipe melody and blended whisky also on the horizon, the Buchanhaven Heritage Society is putting the village on the map.

Alex Geddes, a founding member of the Buchanhaven Heritage Society, said: “We are currently working on something called the Identity Project, through which we are trying to create a stronger identity for Buchanhaven to stand on its own.

“We have created a tartan – which has been registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans – and a pipe tune has also been composed.

“Both will be debuted at a launch event in the near future. In the coming years, we will also have our very own Buchanhaven blended whisky.

“Over the course of a series of community events we found five colours which meant something to the people of Buchanhaven, who were asked to vote on four proposed designs.

“The tartan is currently being woven now by the historic Knockando Mill in Speyside, who share our passion for embracing local heritage.”

The history and culture of Buchanhaven are now at the forefront of the community’s attention, however prior to 2012 this certainly was not the case.

Alex explained: “There were no official written records or photos of Buchanhaven so, working with the local community and Aberdeenshire Council, we held a series of meetings to find a solution to this. It was our aim to instil a sense of local pride amongst the community, and also to celebrate the village which has an innate beauty to it.”

As well as working on a clear identity for the village, the Buchanhaven Heritage Society has also been involved in numerous projects and has instilled a great deal of local pride in the community.