Toon council flat had ‘blood on the walls’

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A Peterhead teenager has been told she must wait a total of two months before workers make repairs to her council flat that had ‘blood on the walls’.

Natasha Hay, 19, was given the keys to her new home at Duncan Crescent on August 25 but discovered that her new council flat was uninhabitable.

Natasha said: “Me and my granny started to take the wall paper off the walls and the walls just fell apart.”

Frances Caffie, Natasha’s gran, said: “There was blood on the wallpaper and dirty underwear pushed down the back of radiators.

“The whole place was just stinking.”

Frances called the council back in August to complain but today Natasha was informed that it could be another month before work begins on her home.

Frances said they were told this was due to the council “being short staffed for plasterers and behind on their work.”

Natasha, who used to live in associated housing, claims that the council told her she would be made homeless if she did not take the house.

She said; “The council said if I don’t take my house then I would be made homeless for up to a year.”

Without the completion of the plaster work the college student has been forced to stay with friends and grandparents.

Natasha said: “There’s no flooring down and it’s so cold at night as there’s nothing to keep the heat in.”

Frances added: “The house is frozen.

“We can’t get the flooring, the carpets, and they won’t deliver the cooker or the fridge freezer until the plastering is done.”

Frances said that she has made several phonecalls to the council over the last month and that twice they have sent out subcontractors who couldn’t do the work as it was a “major job”.

Today a council worker fixed holes in the flat walls but informed Natasha that it could be another month before any of the major work is done.

Frances said: “About seventy per cent of the plaster has come off the walls and it’s like that in every room.”

Since The Buchan Observer first published the story an Aberdeenshire Council spokesperson has said: “The property was decorated when it was let, and accepted by the tenant in that condition.

“We acknowledged that the decoration required upgrading and as such a full decoration grant was awarded.

“Repair work was ordered following damage to the walls and this was given a priority order.

“We have been in contact with the tenant to agree a start date for the repairs of Monday 5th October and this will be completed as soon as possible.”