Three-weekly collections and an extra bin proposed for Aberdeenshire households

Households across Aberdeenshire will be given another bin under proposed new plans for kerbside waste and recycling collections.

By Kevin McRoberts
Thursday, 13th January 2022, 1:36 pm
Aberdeenshire Council is looking at changes to its household bin collections.
Aberdeenshire Council is looking at changes to its household bin collections.

The new 180-litre bin will be used for recyclable containers such as food and drinks cans, cartons, plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays.

This will mean the existing blue-lidded bin will be for paper and card only.

B ins will be emptied in a three-weekly cycle as follows:

• Week 1: Food waste (existing caddy) and non-recyclable waste (existing 240-litre bin).

• Week 2: Food waste (existing caddy) and paper and card (existing blue lidded bin).

• Week 3: Food waste (existing caddy) and recyclable containers (new 180-litre bin).

The proposed kerbside waste collection service – which the council expects will divert between an additional 1,249 and 6,434 tonnes of material from disposal into recycling – has been made possible following a successful application to Zero Waste Scotland for funding.

The changes will be introduced if approved by Aberdeenshire Council’s infrastructure committee next week.

A report to councillors points out that following public engagement and a consultation exercise, plans were approved for a three-weekly cycle in January 2019, but Zero Waste Scotland did not approve funding at that time.

It was then agreed to introduce changes to bin collections on an interim basis of a three-weekly cycle using the existing containers. However, this was not implemented due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new service is expected to cost £4 million to introduce, with Zero Waste Scotland contributing £3.4 million.

Once implemented, the council expects it should lead to annual savings of £564,000-£765,000 due to reduced landfill costs, reduced blue-bin reprocessing costs and income from paper and card.