Things looking up for Salmond lookalike

Alex Salmiond meets up with his lookalike John MacLeod
Alex Salmiond meets up with his lookalike John MacLeod

Things are looking up for Alex Salmond lookalike John Macleod after the former First Minister announced his intention to stand for the Westminster elections in 2015.

Work had dried up for John after the referendum result returned a no vote but he is confident that this will no longer be the case.

John, a father-of-two, lives in Blackburn with wife Kerry. He works as a taxi driver and had become used to people giving him a second glance due to his likeness to the Aberdeenshire East MSP.

But it was not until March this year that John (67), first posed as Alex Salmond. And though he was excited to begin working as a lookalike, he was told to slow down after he was diagnosed with myeloma cancer in July.

However, John’s treatment is going well and he is positive that he will be back to full health in no time. The pair met last week at Mr Salmond’s constituency office in Inverurie, the day after Alex Salmond announced his intention to stand as a candidate for the Gordon seat. Mr Salmond said: “I am really pleased to meet John at last, he is a fantastic character.

“And I certainly don’t need a mirror when he is around. John has a very positive attitude and I wish him and his family well.”

John said: “I am delighted to see Alex Salmond back in the limelight and hopefully that means more work for me!”