Stephen gets back to his roots

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A Toon businessman has told the Buchanie how he has rediscovered his fishing roots due to the crash in the oil and gas industry.

Stephen Bruce had worked for the energy sector business Technip for 15 years before he was made unemployed last December.

Like thousands of other oil sector workers recently Mr Bruce found himself looking for a new job outwith the industry.

Stephen saw this as an opportunity to return to his first love and set up his own business selling Peterhead fish and seafood.

A brother of Peter Bruce, owner of the Budding Rose, Stephen had been a fisherman for more than 20 years before he returned to college and earned a diploma in business studies. Mr Bruce now plans to combine his trade and learned expertise to provide the people of Peterhead and the surrounding area with the freshest and best quality fishlanded in the Blue Toon.

Stephen said: “I was brought up by my father to recognise that you must look after your catch.

“We have a wonderful fishing industry in Peterhead and I don’t think it’s being promoted enough.”

Mr Bruce believes his new business, Peterhead Fish Company, can help to deliver the best of the Toon fishing industry.

Stephen said: “I pay a premium for the fish because I want to have the best quality fish.”

“It’s all about promoting Peterhead fish because it’s world class and it’s not recognised enough.”

Stephen and the Peterhead Fish Company hope to deliver to other businesses and offices as well as homes and families.